Assess Your Needs


Responder Enterprise Design & Implementation Services will architect a perfect, customized solution to help you deliver quality care, everywhere, for years to come. What do you need?

Growth. Scale. Consolidation. Security. Reimbursement.

Our solutions include insights to help clinical staffing drive evidence-based protocols and optimize care delivery—for higher patient safety, improved staff satisfaction, and a sharper focus on timely, efficient responses to patient needs.

Drive Clinical Transformation

IT and Clinical staff invest significant time, energy, and resources into technologies aimed at improving communication and data sharing. Our team can help achieve key goals by:

  • Reducing healthcare costs
  • Improving care quality and outcomes
  • Increasing patient and staff satisfaction
  • Drive real clinical transformation with effective, ongoing service and support

Build a Secure, Scalable, Open Foundation

Develop new architecture with the flexibility to grow and respond to change while reducing your server footprint.

Create and Optimize Your Workflows

Our Clinical experts employ LEAN methodologies to help you identify wasted time and effort, and develop and test new standards, measuring how they can help increase effectiveness and efficiencies in moving toward your outcome initiatives.

Boost Patient and Staff Satisfaction

Improve your patients’ experience by delivering attentive, responsive care. Our solutions give your patients a voice and help reduce nurse burnout and the interruptions that take staff away from delivering the best possible patient care.

Multi-Facility Scalability

Our team can design solutions for single-facility hospitals as well large networks. Learn more about how to scale our solutions for your growing network. We map your organizational challenges with the people, processes, and technology to achieve consistent and repeatable outcomes across the health system, your individual facilities, and service lines.