Healthcare Solutions

Customize your complete Healthcare Solution

Designed for Today’s Healthcare Needs

We specialize in the real needs of healthcare professionals who face heavy patient loads, compliance mandates, critical time-frames and ever changing technology. While designing and engineering system integrations, we also never lose sight of the end objective – more responsive, safer, better patient care.

Scalable Nurse Call Communication Solutions

We go far beyond simple nurse call to include other key team members and departments – from radiology, physical therapy, transport, environmental services and more. The simple press of a button easily links patients and staff – connecting the right call to the right staff directly and instantly – helping you deliver the best possible patient care.

Acute Care Facilities

Responder® Enterprise’s scalable architecture addresses critical issues by providing an IT foundation that can support and improve the way healthcare is delivered and managed across departments, buildings, and operational units.
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Tracing and Heating System

Long Term Care Facilities

Responder® 5000 is an easy, efficient communications solution that helps drive better productivity and satisfaction in the delivery of care at nursing homes and elder care facilities.
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