A/V Custom Solutions
A/V Custom Solutions

Broadcast / Production

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High quality broadcast and production solutions that will bring your content to life

Broadcast and production studios are becoming more common outside of traditional media. The equipment necessary to produce compelling content is now available to nearly every organization, across every industry. Whether you are a municipal facility with the need to broadcast public meetings, a religious facility that wants to offer parishioners the option to stream Sunday service from the comfort of their home, or an educational facility that requires classroom recorded sessions for open distribution – our broadcast and production solutions give you the power to produce professional, high quality content in-house quickly and easily.

Production systems have evolved dramatically in the digital era placing television grade production in the hands of any content creator. From live production applications for stadiums, arenas, churches, schools, and universities to fully engineered post-production systems for corporate communication, training, and government agencies – SoundCom works closely with you to design and build a broadcast and production system for virtually any size facility and any size budget.

Cameras, switchers, routers, servers, and editors all require carefully thought-out system design and integration. Whether you are developing your first in-house broadcast and production studio or require an upgrade to your current system, SoundCom's engineering team provides expert design, installation, and 24/7 support resulting in a user-friendly, intuitive solution that is custom tailored to your exact needs.

The art of high quality, crystal clear sound – everything else is just noise.

The purpose of a quality sound system is to amplify an otherwise in-audible sound and project it to an audience in the most pleasing way. Today's sound needs present a broad range of challenges from educational facilities where speech intelligibility is critical, to sports facilities and multi-purpose arenas where superior sound reinforcement and exceptional audio performance is required. With each application comes a different set of sonic demands. At SoundCom, we design and engineer solutions that cover a variety of situations including educational, governmental, religious, restaurant, retail, sports, entertainment, and transit facilities regardless of the size of the space or crowd.

In any application, clear, natural reproduction of the original sound source, with very low noise and minimal distortion is key. SoundCom begins the project development process by carefully listening to the needs of our clients and responding with solutions best suited to your commercial space. The result is outstanding sound quality, superior product reliability, aesthetically pleasing appearance, and ease-of-operation even in the most demanding environments. The reinforcement of sound is an art. SoundCom has a proven track record in the design, engineering, and installation of commercial sound systems.